Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pregnancy On TV

I know that the tv shows 16 and pregnant and teen mom are fun to watch and I sometimes watch then too, but I personally thing that it encourages more teens to get pregnant and have kids at younger ages because then they think oh hey if I get pregnant than maybe I could get on tv. i'm not saying that the those 2 shows are the main cause either but they do help the teen pregnancy matter out. i don't know if anyones ever googled it but some of the people that are on that show don't exactly turn out to be the best parents. I was soo not a fan of what I read on this page and I think its sad.


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  2. You used a lot of good information and also made strong references but I recommend you watch your grammar. You had a few "I"'s that weren't capitalized. Great job though. -TSMISK