Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Does it Happen

One of my biggest questions is why? Why would teens be having children. Their so young they have their whole lives ahead of them for that. I know that no one plans to have a kid or kids at such a young age and it just happens sometimes, but why not be safe about it. I know that not everyones parents are comfortable with them having sex (let alone having the sex talk) but it's really a subject that should be talked about. 

Another question is why don't teens have safe sex? I do bring the subject up every once in a while when i'm talking to my guy friends who are sexually active and they say " because it doesn't feel the same." well i point out to them the fact that not using a condom can lead to teen pregnancy, and us girls can be just as guilty when it comes to not being safe. Us teen girls could get on the pill or use the female condoms to boost the chances of not getting pregnant. that doesn't mean oh i'll just get on the pill and i wont get pregnant, no sadly it doesn't work like that, Dr's will tell you that you still have to use condoms too.

One of the other questions I ask myself is why wold teens have a planed pregnancy? I'm personally agents teen pregnancy's but I do support he girls who do end up pregnant at a young age. Teen pregnancy's are really a hard thing to deal with, not only is the teen herself discovering who she is but she also has to worry about raising a child and dealing with school. So one of the things to think about is why a planed teen pregnancy? Some groups of teens decide to get pregnant together so that way their kids will grow up together and go to the same schools, or they think that if their pregnant together then it would make it easier or that being pregnant together would make them feel less singled out.  I think that teens shouldn't even be thinking about having children and its totally ignorant of them.

Pregnant dropouts? Pregnant teens if your reading this please don't ever drop out of school, it could be the dumbest thing of your life. Your education isn't just for you any more its for your unborn child too. Your not going to be able to live with your parents forever, soon enough your going to have to get a job and to get a good job your going to need a high school education or a college education. If you cant support yourself then how can you support our child and your future family.

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