Thursday, January 12, 2012

Using Your Resources

The Internet is a very useful resource when it comes to being sexually educated, its not the only one but it helps. Other resources can be your parents, i know that conversation can be awkward but it can also be even more beneficial than using the Internet. Another is the school nurse or a teacher your comfortable talking with or maybe the guidance counselor . when i want to know something i look it up on the Internet  or i talk with my parents but there is one site i have found that i personally think helps a lot with any type of question. this site can answer any sexual question you could have, its got all the different types of birth control, sexual myths like (peeing after sex washes out all the sperm), teen dating abuse, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted  infections and diseases. the site also has games, informational games but their still games and some of them are fun.

There are plenty of different ways to help protect us teens from getting pregnant but there is only one sure fired that works 100 percent. I know that people aren't going to want to do it but its waiting till your older to have sex. That is the only way it can be done. There are 10 different way to help prevent it but the most they can do is be 99 percent affective and with some of them you cant even tell if their working right or not. Some of the many ways are Implanon, IUD, the Depo Shot, one of the most common ways, The Pill, The Ring, The Patch, Condoms, The Sponge, and The Diaphragm. most of these methods have way more than one type of brand so it can sometimes be super overwhelming. 

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