Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wise Elder

A wise man once told me that a few minuets of pleasure can cause a life time of responsibility. Upon that note to ponder one might think about whether or not unprotected sex is worth the responsibility. Not only is it the responsibility of the mother but its also the responsibility of the father to make sure the child grows up right. I personally am not a fan of absent fathers, I know that everyone has their own reasons for leaving but that doesn't mean that a child should grow up without its father. I think that if the father isn't going to be there for his child then he should at least help support him or her through out its life.

Adoption is an option when it comes to teen pregnancy but one thing to think about is if the adoptive parents are going to be the right kind of people to raise a child. I'm not putting down adoptive parents i'm just saying that some people in the world aren't as capable of taking care of children as other could be. The other thing to think about is whether or not you would want an open adoption or closed. An open adoption is when you give the child up but the adoptive parents have you come to there home and spend time with him or her and they also will send you updates on the child's health and progress. A closed adoption is when you give the child up for good and don't see him or her unless the child its self finds you later on in life.

Abortion is the other option that can be thought about while pregnant but there is only a small window of time for that option. I personally would never have an abortion because i think that every one and thing deserves a chance at life, some people say that a baby isn't a baby until its born but i personally thing a baby is a baby from the moment of conception and nothing less. A lot of woman will say that abortion is unacceptable no matter what the reason is, I personally think that there is only one acceptable reason for abortion and thats rape. I know its not the best subject for people to talk about but it happens.

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