Thursday, January 12, 2012

Using Your Resources

The Internet is a very useful resource when it comes to being sexually educated, its not the only one but it helps. Other resources can be your parents, i know that conversation can be awkward but it can also be even more beneficial than using the Internet. Another is the school nurse or a teacher your comfortable talking with or maybe the guidance counselor . when i want to know something i look it up on the Internet  or i talk with my parents but there is one site i have found that i personally think helps a lot with any type of question. this site can answer any sexual question you could have, its got all the different types of birth control, sexual myths like (peeing after sex washes out all the sperm), teen dating abuse, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted  infections and diseases. the site also has games, informational games but their still games and some of them are fun.

There are plenty of different ways to help protect us teens from getting pregnant but there is only one sure fired that works 100 percent. I know that people aren't going to want to do it but its waiting till your older to have sex. That is the only way it can be done. There are 10 different way to help prevent it but the most they can do is be 99 percent affective and with some of them you cant even tell if their working right or not. Some of the many ways are Implanon, IUD, the Depo Shot, one of the most common ways, The Pill, The Ring, The Patch, Condoms, The Sponge, and The Diaphragm. most of these methods have way more than one type of brand so it can sometimes be super overwhelming. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your Health

Because us teens are still growing, being pregnant can make more problems for us than it would for an adult. most teen pregnancy's are un-planed and that can sometimes be the main problem. Teens like to party and they sometimes drink or do drugs at these parties and if your pregnant but don't know about it it can really harm the baby. Smoking, drinking and any other type of drug can cause premature birth or even worse problems like fetal alcohol syndrome which is very easy to give your unborn child. birthdefects This web site list most if not all of the problems that alcohol, smoking, or other drugs can do to an unborn child and some of them are extremely horrible.

One of the other problems is prenatal, some teens won't take it or they only take it half the time. It's extremely important that people take it and its more important to teens because the baby takes most if not all of our nutrition, and the that's something that both the teen and the baby need. 7.2% of pregnant teens don't even bother with the prenatal or only take it half the time. I personally think that half the time is way better than not at all but  teens really should take it every day. I'm not saying that every thing on this site is correct because its from 2009 but it's still a helpful site. This site is more resent and also has links to other sites with more info from interviewed pregnant teens and has an email address for when you want to ask then questions.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pregnancy On TV

I know that the tv shows 16 and pregnant and teen mom are fun to watch and I sometimes watch then too, but I personally thing that it encourages more teens to get pregnant and have kids at younger ages because then they think oh hey if I get pregnant than maybe I could get on tv. i'm not saying that the those 2 shows are the main cause either but they do help the teen pregnancy matter out. i don't know if anyones ever googled it but some of the people that are on that show don't exactly turn out to be the best parents. I was soo not a fan of what I read on this page and I think its sad.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Believes

I'm not trying to put down pregnant teen's, I'm trying to get them to open their eyes and question them self's about their own actions and whether or not their actions are the right ones or the wrong ones. I'm not saying that all pregnant teens are ignorant either, thats totally not the point of my blog. The point of my blog is to hopefully help pregnant teens out on their decision making or to just make teens think more cautiously about having sex and about using protection while doing it.

One of the other subjects I want to touch on is when girls think that if they get pregnant it will make their boyfriend stay with them. as lovely as that thought is, getting pregnant doesn't always make guys step up to the plate and play the daddy role. In fact it can sometimes make your boyfriend scared and then he ends up leaving you and then you're stuck with a child all on your own. just because someone's pregnant it doesn't mean that they get every thing handed to them either. yeah being pregnant can be hard but its really not someone's job to keep you happy by giving you every thing you want.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wise Elder

A wise man once told me that a few minuets of pleasure can cause a life time of responsibility. Upon that note to ponder one might think about whether or not unprotected sex is worth the responsibility. Not only is it the responsibility of the mother but its also the responsibility of the father to make sure the child grows up right. I personally am not a fan of absent fathers, I know that everyone has their own reasons for leaving but that doesn't mean that a child should grow up without its father. I think that if the father isn't going to be there for his child then he should at least help support him or her through out its life.

Adoption is an option when it comes to teen pregnancy but one thing to think about is if the adoptive parents are going to be the right kind of people to raise a child. I'm not putting down adoptive parents i'm just saying that some people in the world aren't as capable of taking care of children as other could be. The other thing to think about is whether or not you would want an open adoption or closed. An open adoption is when you give the child up but the adoptive parents have you come to there home and spend time with him or her and they also will send you updates on the child's health and progress. A closed adoption is when you give the child up for good and don't see him or her unless the child its self finds you later on in life.

Abortion is the other option that can be thought about while pregnant but there is only a small window of time for that option. I personally would never have an abortion because i think that every one and thing deserves a chance at life, some people say that a baby isn't a baby until its born but i personally thing a baby is a baby from the moment of conception and nothing less. A lot of woman will say that abortion is unacceptable no matter what the reason is, I personally think that there is only one acceptable reason for abortion and thats rape. I know its not the best subject for people to talk about but it happens.

Why Does it Happen

One of my biggest questions is why? Why would teens be having children. Their so young they have their whole lives ahead of them for that. I know that no one plans to have a kid or kids at such a young age and it just happens sometimes, but why not be safe about it. I know that not everyones parents are comfortable with them having sex (let alone having the sex talk) but it's really a subject that should be talked about. 

Another question is why don't teens have safe sex? I do bring the subject up every once in a while when i'm talking to my guy friends who are sexually active and they say " because it doesn't feel the same." well i point out to them the fact that not using a condom can lead to teen pregnancy, and us girls can be just as guilty when it comes to not being safe. Us teen girls could get on the pill or use the female condoms to boost the chances of not getting pregnant. that doesn't mean oh i'll just get on the pill and i wont get pregnant, no sadly it doesn't work like that, Dr's will tell you that you still have to use condoms too.

One of the other questions I ask myself is why wold teens have a planed pregnancy? I'm personally agents teen pregnancy's but I do support he girls who do end up pregnant at a young age. Teen pregnancy's are really a hard thing to deal with, not only is the teen herself discovering who she is but she also has to worry about raising a child and dealing with school. So one of the things to think about is why a planed teen pregnancy? Some groups of teens decide to get pregnant together so that way their kids will grow up together and go to the same schools, or they think that if their pregnant together then it would make it easier or that being pregnant together would make them feel less singled out.  I think that teens shouldn't even be thinking about having children and its totally ignorant of them.

Pregnant dropouts? Pregnant teens if your reading this please don't ever drop out of school, it could be the dumbest thing of your life. Your education isn't just for you any more its for your unborn child too. Your not going to be able to live with your parents forever, soon enough your going to have to get a job and to get a good job your going to need a high school education or a college education. If you cant support yourself then how can you support our child and your future family.