Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your Health

Because us teens are still growing, being pregnant can make more problems for us than it would for an adult. most teen pregnancy's are un-planed and that can sometimes be the main problem. Teens like to party and they sometimes drink or do drugs at these parties and if your pregnant but don't know about it it can really harm the baby. Smoking, drinking and any other type of drug can cause premature birth or even worse problems like fetal alcohol syndrome which is very easy to give your unborn child. birthdefects This web site list most if not all of the problems that alcohol, smoking, or other drugs can do to an unborn child and some of them are extremely horrible.

One of the other problems is prenatal, some teens won't take it or they only take it half the time. It's extremely important that people take it and its more important to teens because the baby takes most if not all of our nutrition, and the that's something that both the teen and the baby need. 7.2% of pregnant teens don't even bother with the prenatal or only take it half the time. I personally think that half the time is way better than not at all but  teens really should take it every day. I'm not saying that every thing on this site is correct because its from 2009 but it's still a helpful site. This site is more resent and also has links to other sites with more info from interviewed pregnant teens and has an email address for when you want to ask then questions.

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